October 2014 will see the introduction of the long awaited Care Act, a major piece of legislation expected to reform social care. At the heart of this, is a requirement on local authorities to offer services that promote health and wellbeing, putting people at the centre of their own care. This is supported by minimum eligibility criteria that councils cannot change. In addition, it caps the amount of money that an individual has to pay towards their care to prevent them from having to sell their home to pay for this.
The Act focuses on prevention, aiming to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and reduce or delay a person’s need for care and support. Although several issues are still to be decided, Senior Care Solutions @ Home Ltd is preparing for possible changes to the way we work, such as:

  • Training staff to understand individualised or person-centred assessment and care planning, to deliver personalised care and know how to recognise whether this is being achieved.
  • Looking about whether we can diversify our business to include preventative services and advocacy.
  • What further help and support we could offer to our carers.