Care In Crisis
Day to day tasks that many of us take for granted Рlike getting dressed, using the toilet, making a meal or getting to the shops Рcan be almost impossible for many older people without help. Older people should be able to live well, not just survive, and the right care and support can help them do this.
There are currently over 1.2 million older people left to struggle each day without that support. We need to ensure that they can access the care that will help them stay safe and prevent even more strain on a system that is on the edge of collapse.

The care system is like the postcode lottery and varies from area to area even though the Care Act 2014 being introduced nationally. The Care system has had a cut of £160 million in the past five years although the ageing population has continually increased and now with Local authority cutting care services the additional pressure is being put on unpaid carers.