End Of Life Care

End Of Life Care

Live in Care | A majority of people prefer to spend their last days in their own home and environment. We at Senior Care Solutions @ Home Ltd. provide end of life care to help those with terminal illness or suffering from an incurable condition that has become advanced and progressive to remain living in the comfort of their own home surrounded by compassionate and supportive people.

Our aim is to not only provide the care service that you require but also make life as easy as possible for everyone involved during this difficult time, helping to achieve the best quality of life for the service user as well as their family and friends.

Although end of life care is something that people find difficult to talk about, it is good to be prepared by discussing these things in openly with those close to the patient in order to fulfil their last wishes. Our live-in care and 24 hour senior care services provide end of life care at home. The care giver is constantly present for a minimum of one week, and sometimes for several weeks so that they get to know the client.

We encourage healthy discussions with all those who are involved to be sure that we know and can respect the wishes of you loved ones. We explain to you what you can expect from end of life care. We offer psychological, social and spiritual support to the patient so that they can take their last breath peacefully.

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