Care Jobs

Job Title: Registered Manager

Reports to: Nominated Person

Main function of the job:


(Note: In addition to these functions employees are required to carry out such duties as may reasonably be required).

To provide leadership of the care and care worker functions of The Agency.

To carry out, and provide leadership in marketing The Agency, and selling its services at the agreed prices.

To maintain the operations of the service at the standard agreed with the Registered Provider, within the financial budget or other parameters set by the Provider.

To maintain care and management skills at the current level, and undertake such training and development as may from time-to-time be required to maintain that currency of practice.

To manage the services within The Agency in accordance with standards agreed with the Person Registered, legislative requirements, relevant regulations, and in line with accepted best practices.

Notify the Care Quality Commission, at least one month prior to absence (except in an emergency, in which case within one week) of continuous absence of 28 days or more, stating the following: length of absence; reason for absence; arrangements for running the establishment; name, address and qualifications of person responsible for the establishment during the absence.

Notify return within 7 days of return from an absence of 28 days or more.

Location: Senior Care Solutions @ Home – Kingsbury, London

Supervisory Responsibilities: To manage each of the Care service functions within The Agency.

Main Duties: Management of the organisation

[ not in any order of priority]

1. Develop and maintain effective working relationships with the Nominated Person and the Office Manager for The Agency.

2. Create and uphold an open, positive and inclusive management culture.

3. Participate in the development of The Agency’s policies.

4. Share in the development of strategic plans for The Agency.

5. Participate in evaluation of The Agency against agreed organisational goals, business, and quality objectives.

6. Work to establish effective employer-employee relationships.

7. Minimise legal risks.

8. Participate in the establishment and maintenance of The Agency’s care work management information systems.

9. Organise the formulation and implementation of all of the policies and procedures, abiding by the full QCS care Quality Management System.

10. Formulate and implement care policies and procedures.

11. Implement and maintain the standards required by legislation related to the registration of The Agency.

12. Manage The Agency in accordance with the Management Protocols within the QCS care Quality Management System.

13. Participate in discussions reviewing employee remuneration.

14. Undertake the implementation and maintenance of The Agency’s quality assurance programme as stipulated in the QCS care Quality Management System.

15. Design and administer an evaluation of the care standards and care service provision.

Main Duties: Management of the Human Resources:

[not in any order of priority]

1. Specify and train employees, in numbers agreed with the Provider, and at a cost which is agreed with the Provider, not exceeding the agreed staff budget.

2. Develop a master plan rota to comply with statutory requirements and the satisfaction of ongoing Service User needs, and which meets the financial targets of the service.

3. Ensure that care worker job descriptions for all employees are appropriate to current practices and functions.

4. Implement and evaluate the orientation and induction of all new employees.

5. Assist individual staff to develop in their role and level of compliance with agreed standards.

6. Promote and implement The Agency’s policies and procedures.

7. Promote the effective resolution of team conflicts.

8. Create a work atmosphere which promotes a high quality of work life.

9. Create and maintain a culture of performance and excellence.

10. Manage employee numbers so as to eliminate the use of Agency staff for routine or planned absences.

Management of care Services:

1. Develop the philosophy, goals and objectives for the care practice.

2. Assess the effectiveness of care implementation and delivery.

3. Implement action to meet and maintain care standards.

4. Work in cooperation with members of multi-disciplinary health teams in order to maximise opportunities for Service User therapeutic care.

5. Ensure that Service User rights are protected.

6. Encourage a model of self-care and Service User rehabilitation.

7. Evaluate Care Plans.

8. Evaluate standards of care competence.

Professional Long Term care Leadership:

1. Encourage innovative methods for the delivery of care.

2. Encourage health promotion within care strategies.

3. Engage in local meetings relevant to the activity of The Agency.

4. Establish relationships with learning institutions to promote availability of staff training at all levels.

5. Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth.

6. Promote a positive image for services provided and employment within The Agency.

Working hours:

Nominally 42 hours per week Monday – Friday and half day on Saturday or Sunday, subject to achievement of goals and objectives and the covering of vacant shifts. The Manager will be expected to maintain an on-call facility and, in the case of holiday or sickness, to arrange for the facility to be maintained.

Qualifications required:

Managers must have as are required by the regulations to have the ‘necessary qualifications, skills and experience’ to carry out the regulated activity. Skills for care advise that the current, relevant qualification is the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social care and Children and Young People’s Services choosing the pathway;

Management of Adult Services

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social care and Children and Young People’s Services